Sunday, 20 January 2013

Either I Wrote It or I Stole It

and I don't know which.

The Poem I Never Wrote

Unfold my path before me,
The very most glorious one.
Let’s hit the hard ground running,
And get this good work done.

I think I wrote it. I think it was, if I may dare say, an inspired moment. But if ANYONE can find it elsewhere, please let me know. It would crash my universe a bit, yes, but I'd get over it.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Nicely From a Word Document to HTML

Thought you might find this useful for something. It's a suite of converters: audio, image, ebook, video, document, archive - and a hash generator too.

I just converted a prettily formatted .docx file (content for an eBook) to HTML. The converter delivered a stack of image files and the .html one. It's wonderful.

ALSO shows you the parts that won't convert well, to blogs maybe, definitely to final eBook formats. (For me this was boxes drawn behind quotes.) My research indicates HTML is the premiere intermediate format for eBook production. With this converter, I don't have to make it my initial format in which I write and format text. I do find it easier to format text in Word and this converter does a bang up job of converting it to HTML.

Let me know your experience with it.