Sunday, 20 January 2013

Either I Wrote It or I Stole It

and I don't know which.

The Poem I Never Wrote

Unfold my path before me,
The very most glorious one.
Let’s hit the hard ground running,
And get this good work done.

I think I wrote it. I think it was, if I may dare say, an inspired moment. But if ANYONE can find it elsewhere, please let me know. It would crash my universe a bit, yes, but I'd get over it.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Nicely From a Word Document to HTML

Thought you might find this useful for something. It's a suite of converters: audio, image, ebook, video, document, archive - and a hash generator too.

I just converted a prettily formatted .docx file (content for an eBook) to HTML. The converter delivered a stack of image files and the .html one. It's wonderful.

ALSO shows you the parts that won't convert well, to blogs maybe, definitely to final eBook formats. (For me this was boxes drawn behind quotes.) My research indicates HTML is the premiere intermediate format for eBook production. With this converter, I don't have to make it my initial format in which I write and format text. I do find it easier to format text in Word and this converter does a bang up job of converting it to HTML.

Let me know your experience with it.


Friday, 14 December 2012

Freebies, Freebies! eBOOKS

My meandering research into very important things took me to this most wonderful list of FREE eBooks. The classic Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is among 'em. Since that's one I've been itching to get hold of free, it not being in my budget, I am happy to have found it, and most happy to share with you the page that has a free download link to it, as well as to many other free eBooks.

The list is provided on the site Heal South Africa: 'A project dedicated to uniting and empowering the people of South Africa, with the goal of peace, happiness and health for all.'  Bless them.

Heal South Africa's list of free eBooks is here:

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

I'm Insane and Mike is Magic

published originally Dec 8

I'm insane but... a stranger posted to my latest blog. Asking what I think about the movie 'Magic Mike'. Since I haven't seen it, I did a quick look at reviews. Two of my top reviewer sites were natural hits 1 and 2 in Google (The Guardian and Rotten Tomatoes). The third hit caught my fancy because of the similarity of the site's name to this blog: The Buzz. (This is the CBCNews's Arts & Entertainment film review column.)
The Guardian rather disses it but The Buzz and Rotten Tomatoes give it 4 out of 5: the Buzz's rating seems to be the writer/reviewer's opinion but Rotten Tomatoes' rating is based on 186 watcher reviews. You can watch it for $4.99 on YouTube; it isn't available on Netflix. On YouTube you have 30 days to start watching it, and once started, 48 hours of viewing time.

Here are the links:

The TOMATOMETER on 'Magic Mike': 

The Guardian: 

The Buzz: 

YouTube - rent it for $4.99: 

Sunday, 9 December 2012

My Friend Nancy 1

This post is titled '1' because I'm sure I will be speaking further of this woman, Nancy. For starters, here's her sense of humor on Facebook and we were both raised Catholic, God save her soul. 

Nancy responded:

A Story of... Oh

published Dec 8

A sexy, steamy movie
that's only 1 hr 32 min. long...

I think this movie should win critical awards, I do. Nevermind that, but how incredibly SEXY it is! O-M-sweet-G. It's called 'Lie With Me'. I was looking for 'Lie To Me' on Netflix which is no longer #!$%! available there, and this was the next result.

Holy moly. Sexy.

The description for the movie on Netflix is crap. But the review voted 'most helpful' - was. Here it is (too bad Netflix reviews are anonymous - I like this dude's style):

It's rated R.

The first comment on this piece (when it was a page instead of a post, like now) was: 


published Dec 6

My friend flaked out on a date and said sorry and I said ...