Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Story of... Oh

published Dec 8

A sexy, steamy movie
that's only 1 hr 32 min. long...

I think this movie should win critical awards, I do. Nevermind that, but how incredibly SEXY it is! O-M-sweet-G. It's called 'Lie With Me'. I was looking for 'Lie To Me' on Netflix which is no longer #!$%! available there, and this was the next result.

Holy moly. Sexy.

The description for the movie on Netflix is crap. But the review voted 'most helpful' - was. Here it is (too bad Netflix reviews are anonymous - I like this dude's style):

It's rated R.

The first comment on this piece (when it was a page instead of a post, like now) was: 

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