Tuesday, 11 December 2012

I'm Insane and Mike is Magic

published originally Dec 8

I'm insane but... a stranger posted to my latest blog. Asking what I think about the movie 'Magic Mike'. Since I haven't seen it, I did a quick look at reviews. Two of my top reviewer sites were natural hits 1 and 2 in Google (The Guardian and Rotten Tomatoes). The third hit caught my fancy because of the similarity of the site's name to this blog: The Buzz. (This is the CBCNews's Arts & Entertainment film review column.)
The Guardian rather disses it but The Buzz and Rotten Tomatoes give it 4 out of 5: the Buzz's rating seems to be the writer/reviewer's opinion but Rotten Tomatoes' rating is based on 186 watcher reviews. You can watch it for $4.99 on YouTube; it isn't available on Netflix. On YouTube you have 30 days to start watching it, and once started, 48 hours of viewing time.

Here are the links:

The TOMATOMETER on 'Magic Mike': 

The Guardian: 

The Buzz: 

YouTube - rent it for $4.99: 

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