Sunday, 9 December 2012

Torment and Triumph

published Nov 22

Here's my current Winsome Wisdom piece.

I clicked on a Google ad for 'Anthony Robbins free 5 hours video coaching'. To the right on the landing page, I put in my email address, clicked Get Instant Access and was taken to the first 75-minute video.

It's Robbins interacting with a woman in one of his seminars. Wow, is what I've got to say.

Her tragedy and misery gives me that kicked-in-the-stomach feeling. And in the face of it, so penetrating and illusion-dispelling is Anthony Robbins. There's a man whose powers of enlightenment and transformation have honed with time.

The mind-blowing part comes in the final 10 minutes, with a video switch to one year later. Now the woman and her husband are sitting across from Robbins, only these three in the room. The changes in her life are truly amazing, yet so naturally connected to the breakthroughs we saw her have a year ago. She looks 15 years younger, at least 10. Her utterly transformed experience of life is an extension of her visible healing a year earlier at Robbin's hands.

The woman has humility, love, and a fighting spirit (and not much else that she could see, back then). And he reaches out to heal every twisted thing interfering with her expression and experience of her magnificent self.

She is given a road back to herself and a life she can embrace. She takes it. Running.

Let me know what you think.


WINSOME WISDOM is hereby a series I'm starting in the middle. I'll post engaging stuff I find going forward, and tidbits from my extensive records that amazed me in the past.

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